Top Tips for Selecting a New Bathtub

When many people do a bathroom remodeling, one of the first things they want to replace is the bathtub. Standard bathtubs that were installed during the home’s initial construction tend to be functional yet unexciting.

Homeowners today have more options for bathtubs than ever before. Choosing a unique and exciting bathtub can really anchor a new bathroom remodeling project.

First Things First

Before you go shopping for a new bathtub, you need to know what your limitations are. Bathtubs come in right- and left-handed versions. This refers to where the drain hole is located. While there are center-hole bathtubs, they are relatively uncommon.

To determine the type of bathtub you have, face the tub and not where the plumbing is located. While it is possible to move the plumbing, this will add to the expense of your bathroom remodeling project.

Types of Bathtubs 

Now comes the fun part. If you haven’t shopped for a new bathtub in a while (or ever), you may be surprised by the number of styles that are currently available. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Recessed Bathtubs — This is the most common type of bathtub because it is the most affordable and the most space efficient. It fits snugly into a space so that only the front needs to be finished.
  • Corner Bathtubs — This type of bathtub fits into a corner, with two unfinished and one or two finished sides. Common shapes include triangular and box.
  • Drop-In Bathtubs — Drop-in tubs usually set into a platform, but also can be set into the floor. Most have a rim that sits on the floor or platform, but some are rimless so that the tub is flush with the floor or platform so only the inside needs to be finished.
  • Free-Standing Bathtubs — Any tub that has four legs is considered a free-standing bathtub, but the claw-foot tub is the most popular. Free-standing tubs offer an antique look with the convenience of modern materials.

Choosing a unique tub can add a dramatic element to any bathroom rehab project, not to mention giving you hours of pleasure relaxing in a luxurious warm bathtub.

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