Changing the Wall Coverings Will Transform Your Bathroom

If you are tired of the way your bathroom, the quickest and most dramatic way to transform it into a whole new room is to choose a different type of wall covering during your next bathroom remodeling project.

Bathrooms give you the freedom to choose from many different types of wall coverings. You aren’t limited to the same old paint or wallpaper choices.

Here are some of the most popular bathroom wall coverings right now that you can consider for your next bathroom remodeling:

Paint — Tried and true, paint is the least expensive and easiest to change if you get tired of it. Use gloss and semi-gloss finishes because they repel water and clean easily.

Wallpaper and Vinyl Wall Coverings — The benefit is that these come in many different styles and colors. The disadvantage is that they can quickly become stale or go out of style.

Wood — Wood paneling gives a rustic feel to bathroom remodeling. There are many different types of wood finishes to choose from. Just make sure you finish it wth urethane or another type of water-resistant coating.

Ceramic Tile — Probably the most popular choice for bathroom remodeling, ceramic tile is attractive and durable. It won’t stain or fade and it’s 100% waterproof when installed correctly.

Glass Block — Walls or windows made of glass block offer a contemporary look to bathroom remodeling. Plus, they let more light to pass through. The downside is that it’s expensive and usually too difficult to install yourself.

Marble — If you are going for a timeless, elegant look,  marble, granite or some other type of rock-based wall covering is an excellent option. It’s easy to keep clean, waterproof, and will increase the value of your home for sure. But because it’s one of the most expensive wall coverings, you are going to pay for the privilege.

Chose the wall covering that you like best that fits into your budget and you can transform your bathroom into a whole new room.

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