Get the Most for Your Money with Kitchen Lighting

When most homeowners are planning their kitchen remodeling project, they typically look at the big ticket items first: Replacing the appliances, upgrading their cabinets, adding new countertops, even replacing their flooring.

But one of the best ways to increase the value your kitchen adds to your home is by replacing your kitchen lighting fixtures.

Benefits of Kitchen Lighting

Modern kitchen lighting is one of the best investments you can make in upgrading your kitchen. But it’s one that most homeowners either don’t pay attention to or wait until everything else is done before thinking about.

Kitchen lighting provides two major benefits to your kitchen. The first is that it provides the light you need while preparing and eating.

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home. It’s where most of your family members will spend at least part of their day. Shouldn’t you make sure that it is well lit?

Design Elements

The second benefit is how your kitchen lighting complements the rest of your kitchen decor. When designing your kitchen remodeling project, we often encourage our clients to start with the lighting fixtures first and then work down from there.

This helps anchor the design from the top down, rather than trying to find a lighting fixture that fits the rest of your design after you are already finished with everything else. Many homeowners find this to be nearly impossible.

Form vs Function

When choosing the perfect kitchen lighting fixtures, remember that you have to balance form with function. The primary concern should be that they provide adequate light. Don’t choose kitchen lighting fixtures that look great but leave you and your family sitting in the dark.

Kitchen remodeling projects require you to take a lot of little pieces and make them all fit together. Starting with your kitchen lighting fixtures makes this challenging job a little easier.

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